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Technology-Based engineering Company.


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AWGE Technologies S.L. is a SME set up in 2016

We design, develop, manufacture, test and validate for defense and security, radio astronomy, aerospace, particle accelerators or broadcast sectors with the utmost quality standards.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

As a Technology-Based engineering Company AWGE Technologies, S.L. bases its activity on the application of new technologies and other scientific discoveries in the field of applied physics for generating solutions for the product improvements, processes or services.

Featured Project:

Design, Manufacture and Supply of a Test Cryostat for Harmoni Preoptics

The cryostat for the tests of the HARMONI Pre-Optics subsystem which will be part of an integral field spectrograph for the European Large Telescope (ELT). It is an instrument to test pre-optics in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum thus it needs to keep cryogenic temperatures.

Some featured projects

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