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Customer: INDRA (Torrejón de Ardoz. Spain)

The module IF_IM-IF Subassembly (5200) is in charge of conditioning RF signals from one of the channels (CH1 or CH2) of the RF Input Module (RF-IM). The device is composed of a high-speed switching matrix in the frequency range from 140 to 1140MHz formed by solid-state switches that manage five channels, each of the channels incorporates a band-pass filter in order to obtain different widths of band . Finally the output signal is amplified until obtaining the required level of 20dBm. The module incorporates Bite functions.

The OM_IF_TP1 Subassembly (2100) receives a signal tuned to the DRFM Intermediate Frequency and it will be in charge of conditioning that IF signal. Automatic gain control (2100). Instantaneous automatic gain control device based on the saturation of an amplifier chain in the frequency range from 70MHz to 1040MHz. The target output power is 0dBm covering a range of input powers between -5 to -50dBm. The device incorporates high rejection low-pass filtering to eliminate harmonics. The module incorporates Bite functions.