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We design, develop, manufacture, test and validate radiofrequency systems and subsystems for defense and security, radio astronomy, aerospace, particle accelerators or broadcast sectors.

Some of our strengths in this field include:

Excellent quality control and production scheduling systems to ensure efficiency in our manufacturing.

The versatility to customize all of our products to fit our customers’ needs.

A high degree of innovation.

AWGE Technologies is a supplier of high tech Radiofrequency solutions with a strong commitment for delivering customized active RF solutions with utmost quality, innovative technology, and competitive services to the industry meeting the most demanding requirements and are certified at customers’ request.



  • FLEXIBLE WAVEGUIDES. Our designs are field proven to meet the highest standards in the industry.
  • RECTANGULAR WAVEGUIDE in WR-1150 and WR-2300.
  • DUAL DIRECTIONAL COUPLER (DDC) in WR-1150 and WR-2300.
  • TAPER FH-HH in WR-1150 and WR-2300.
  • MAGIC TEES in WR-1150 and WR-2300.
  • PHASE SHIFTER sizes ranging in WR-1150 and WR-2300.
  • SHUTTER-SWITCH in WR-1150 and WR-2300.
  • 45° COUPLER in WR-1150 and WR-2300.
  • STRAIGHT COUPLER in WR-1150 and WR-2300.
  • AWGE Technologies also offers half height and custom sizes upon request.
      • WR1150.
      • WR2300.



  • LNA (Low Noise Amplifiers).
  • Cryogenic LNA.
  • Calibrators.
  • Filtering, switching, distributions and conversion modules.
  • Radio frequency assemblies: Commutation matrix, power amplifiers, down converters, up converters, etc.

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