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Customer: INTA (Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial)

The supply requested consists of a positioning system, with a high load capacity, that allows high precision movements of an instrument in its operational spatial conditions; that is, under vacuum conditions (of the order of 10-6 mbar) and low temperature. In addition to performing the aforementioned movements with great precision and accuracy (rotations of ±20° with respect to two axes), the knowledge of the final position in which the equipment remains must be known with very low total error (minimum uncertainty), resulting It is also essential that it works correctly under vacuum conditions, that it is compatible with degassing processes (bake-out) and that it is compatible with its integration in an ISO-5 clean room. The concept of the proposed system is one of the so-called GIMBAL -from here on-, that is, based on a pivoting support that allows the rotation of an object around two orthogonal axes.